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  • I have completed my BArch with interior branch. Now I want to do an MArch, but I am confused. Which field do I opt for? Please advise. 

    An architect is a designer, environmental expert, artist, visualiser and creator rolled into one. Which other field blends art, science and technology and provides you the thrill of translating your dream design on paper into a grand reality? 

    In the two-year MArch programme, you can choose from the following specialisations: architectural conservation, industrial design, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture and planning, sustainable architecture and construction management. 

    Your choice of specialisation will depend on a combination of factors. First is your interest — think of the subjects and assignments you enjoyed and excelled in during your BArch. Also, consider your strengths and temperament and accordingly determine your suitability for different specialisation areas. Lastly, understand the kind of work for each area, its scope and quantitative and qualitative rewards. 

    Given your BArch specialisation, the most obvious choices would be to look at either interior design or industrial design. 

    What I would really recommend is to work for a year or two first, get a taste of the practical aspects of architecture, explore future prospects in different areas, speak to senior architects and veterans in the field and then take a call as to your choice of specialisation.

    Courtesy: Education Times

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