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  • What are some Unconventional BA courses?

    1. BA (Applied)
    2. BA (Languages)
    3. BA (Rural Services)
    4. BA (Special)
    5. BA (Vocational)
    6. BA (Cooperation)
    7. BCD (Bachelor of Civil Defence)
    8. BD (Bachelor of Dramatics)
    9. BDA (Bachelor of Development Administration)
    10. BCS (Bachelor of Computer Secretaryship)
    11. BDS (Bachelor in Development Studies)
    12. BDes (Bachelor of Design)
    13. BA (Journalism)
    14. BCJ (Bachelor of Communication Journalism)
    15. BMus (Bachelor of Music)
    16. BLitt/ BOL (Bachelor of Literature)
    17. BMC (Bachelor of Mass Communication)
    18. BLIT (Bachelor of Lib & Information
    19. BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts)

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