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  • Could you please tell me which are some of the best universities to study in the UK? Different agents and consultants seem to say different things. I am told that the better the ranking of the university, the better the earning. Is that really true?

    There is no disputing that graduates of top universities make more money than graduates of those that are not ranked. This is one reason why parents are willing to pay the money at institutions if they can afford it.Talking of affordability, often the top-ranking universities are very steeply priced but researchers contended that elite colleges don’t always pay off in higher earnings. They only appear to do so.In most cases, the higher earnings piled up by graduates of elite schools are attributed to elite students, not their college education, which means if you are smart enough to get into Oxford or Cambridge, you are smart enough to make a lot of money, regardless of which university you go to.This is a long-drawn debate, and the jury is still out on this one. There really are no easy answers for this. Four national rankings of universities in the UK are published annually — The Complete University Guide, and rankings by each of The Guardian, The Sunday Times and The Times newspapers. Rankings have also been produced in the past by The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times.The primary aim of the rankings is to inform potential undergraduate applicants about UK universities based on a range of criteria, including entry standards, student satisfaction, staff/student ratio, academic services and expenditure on facilities per student, research quality, completion rates and student destinations. All the league tables also rank universities on their strength in individual subjects.Use them as an indicator. Not all universities are good for all fields. For instance, the biotech or art department in a lower ranked university may be better than in the number #1. The Complete University Guide: University League Table 2014 lists the Top 30.


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