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  • I want to do something exciting and different. I have a feeling I will be good at public relations as I love talking to people. I have heard that PR is a glamourous field. Am I on the right track? 

    A PR person is a jack-of-all-trades and master of even more…the qualities that are required of a true PR person are excellent communication skills including the ability to speak and write well, the ability to persuade, oodles of selfconfidence, adaptability, an outgoing and extrovert personality, and a cool unflappable temperament and good organisation skills. Character and integrity are also necessary because a PRO is the voice of conscience within the organisation. There’s never a dull moment in a PR person’s life, so be prepared for a stressful, chaotic work schedule trying to meet deadlines. And let me warn you — PR is definitely not for someone who prefers a regular 9am to 5pm job. A graduate with a broad understanding of social, cultural, economic and political issues is the basic requirement. In addition, a professional degree or diploma in PR, journalism or mass communication is now almost mandatory. 
    Contrary to the somewhat simplistic notion that most people carry in their heads about it being nothing but ‘wining and dining’ and liaison work, both PR and corporate communication is a planned, deliberate activity and serious business. 
    It calls for meticulous research of the client’s profile, the market and its competition. Only then can you evolve a focused and effective action plan. And that’s not where it ends. You must follow this with a periodic image audit to ensure that the desired goal is achieved. 
    As a senior PR professional aptly says, ‘PR is not propaganda or spin advertising. Advertising is a great image-building medium. But PR is a great credibility-building medium.’ 
    A PR professional’s job is to promote an organisation’s image, communicate information about its activities and ensure that correct information is disseminated to the right people. You’ll help organisations smartly manage their relations with stakeholders — investors, customers, government, employees, future employees, and the general public at large. Interning with a PR firm will introduce you to the business of public relations and offer you an opportunity to be involved in daily account activities, while learning broader strategies. 
    As member of a designated account team, you’ll acquire ‘hands-on’ PR experience, gain exposure to areas such as: media relations, developing websites and press material, harnessing social media, video production, special event and press conference planning, internal strategy sessions, and new business research. 
    COURTESY : Education Times 

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