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  • What precautions to be kept in mind while packing up baggage to join a Join?

    The dress code on most campuses abroad is usually informal, however, carry a few sets of formal clothes and traditional attire. Always check the weather report and carry clothes that you would require to be comfortable, as your body will take some time to adapt to the new climate. In extreme climates in parts of Canada, the buildings on campus where classes are held are joined by corridors; in most countries the classrooms are centrally heated. 
        If you are an undergraduate student and plan to stay on campus you will not need any utensils. If, however, you plan to stay in an apartment, you can consider taking a few utensils. The rest of the utensils including cutlery and crockery can be bought in the destination country. You can carry some of the spices with you, but most Indian spices are now widely available. Remember to carry your medicines and it’s advisable to carry small quantities of toiletries with you. If you wear glasses or contact lenses take spare ones as well.

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