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Writing College Essay Assignments: What are the Key Features?

Writing College Essay Assignments: What are the Key Features?

Some students navigate from high school level writing into the college writing without difficulties but many college students find College Writing as a very challenging course. Thus some students who experince difficulties with their essays look for writing help. College essay assignments are quite diverse but sticking to some key features or applying general writing principles can apply to most writing concerns.  

Finding the difference between a high school level essay assignments from a college level essay can be confusing for new college students. In most writing classes the features and general principles are not pointed out and some instructors assume that students are already aware of what is expected in their output.

Presenting Your Argument

Most high school essays present a student’s understanding of a course material. They may be asked to write an essay about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln or a book report on “Huckleberry Finn.” However, in writing college essays, instructors will probe on your ability to think critically and analysis rather than simply reporting about the information on the subject assigned.

Presenting an argument means that a writer do not only provide a new set of knowledge, but was able to share that knowledge for others to agree or not. Instead of limiting an essay on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln, an essay on the role of Lincoln on the formation of the United States of America may be written. Book reports may also divulge into the characters, the storyline and its relationship on the bigger social, economic or political issues.

College essay writing allows students to write in a manner where the reader can test their reasoning. The research is presented in a serious and focused set of claims, and responses to a potential set of challenges for readers to not only understand the students’ thinking, but also urge them to agree with such claims. 

Understanding the Instructor’s Expectations

In college writing, students must be able to understand what their instructor want from them. Some instructor can be specific about what you must read, what to analyze and how to organize your essay. But it is safe to assume that unless, specific instuction to “summarize” or “paraphase,” students may need carefully understand what is asked by the assignment. An essay assigment can ask students to agree or disagree on a point, illustrate, analyze, explain, evaluate or compare and contrast a reading or material. And by doing so, students should also be able to shape and focus the discussion to support a claim that they have discovered in the analysis of the material for the essay.

Proving Your “Point”

Students apply critical thinking in doing their research, analysis and development of their college essay assignments. Most instructors will look for the “point” or “claim” being made and this can be the most important sentence in the essay. The point of an essay is a sentence that can sum up the most important thing that students want to say as a result of their reading, research, thinking, analysis and writing. A good “point” can be developed as a student move along the essay writing assignment. Some can start with a question that needs to be solved by thoroughly making a research and analysing the assignment. Students can start writing to develop an idea or argument that they can support.

Writing can be considered as a way of thinking through an argument and discovering what must be said to prove a point. Students should not push themselves to start writing with a fully developed point in mind otherwise they might only get frustrated along the way. To write good college essay assignments, students must work with a great strategy for gathering data then write their first draft. Thepensters can assist students with custom college essay writing, visit them at






Nov 20, 2015

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